This race went off in three waves.  I have listed them below by their start times as listed on the event flyer.  Due to the nature of this race, there might be some overlap in the waves by the time racers got to my location, but I tried to organize the galleries the best I could.  Basically, my Wave 2 photos start and end with the first and last Junior to pass by me.  Everything before and after those Juniors went into the Wave 1 and Wave 3 galleries.  They should be pretty close.

And there were a ton of people just out riding Lookout today, so their photos are all just mixed in here, too.  It's too difficult to try to guess whether someone is a racer or not, so for the most part, I just tried to take photos of everyone, so I didn't miss any racers.  But if I did miss you, I apologize.  We had a number of photographers out there today, so I hope between all of us, everyone managed to get photographed at least once!

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