Rather than have one single gallery, I split the day into two separate image galleries. Unlike normal races, I couldn't split this out by category, because I was jumping from one side of the road to the other, and since multiple categories were on course at the same time, they're all kind of mixed up.

I just decided to split the day into two section. The most obvious break I could find was at the Collegiate TTT  So, the day isn't really split in half.  It's probably more like 75/25.  I called everything BEFORE the Collegiate TTT Wave 1, and everything STARTING with the Collegiate TTT is Wave 2. Not exactly an even split, but it's the only thing that really made sense.

And I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to shoot everyone. I tried to get at least one shot of everyone, but I'm sure I missed a few people. Sometimes a car came by right when you passed me, or maybe I was shooting someone on one side of the road when you came by on the other. But take a look. Hopefully, you'll find something good. If not, I'll be out there all season!

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